Ronald Ryan 


Ronald Ryan is a multi disciplined Scots Artist, and trained in Stained Glass under Sax Shaw, achieving a BA Hons at Edinburgh College of Art.

In addition to this his works have gone  on to include, Oil Painting and Video.

In 2010 Ronald set up Lernian Studios to promote the use of  'Old Master' techniques in contemporary painting, and his works now cover, Portraiture, Landscape, Figurative and Abstract.

Ronald is a sanctioned copyist at the, National Gallery of Scotland .   

Further work by Ronald Ryan Can Be Seen at







It  is a difficult thing to select a 'Series' of works from 35 years of creating artwork. The selection I have made, spans the full period I have worked as an artist. The earliest piece shown is a Stained Glass Panel from 1982, and the most recent is from 2015

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